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Florence Coffee’s top quality coffee beans are fresh roasted and delivered to customers weekly. Fresh is key to Florence Coffee and it shows in its deep roasted espresso, full body drip, smooth cold brew and is represented in our drive-thru coffee shops throughout western MT serving the best flavors under the Big Sky.

Based in Butte, Montana, Florence Coffee provides roasted coffee beans to espresso bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and offices of all sizes.

Coffee has long been a passion of the Tamblyn family. Mentored by master roaster Dave Stewart of Vista Clara Coffee, who has been our coffee supplier from the very beginning, Dave has taken great pride in his unique coffee blends over the years by developing a signature flavor and style that is enjoyed not only by locals, but the discerning coffee drinkers. Dave is now looking to retire and pass on all of his roasting techniques, expertise, and vital connections to keep his legacy alive.

Our coffee beans are imported directly from source countries and farmers with a focus on shade ground sustainable practices. Only the top 2% of the beans make it past a rigorous selection process. The coffee beans are delivered directly to the Florence Coffee roasting plant in Butte, Montana where they are roasted and delivered fresh to the customer. We make sure the most perfect beans make it out the door.

Florence Coffee is a Montana family run coffee company for over 20 years. We have a strong passion for great coffee and dedication to provide our customers with the very best service possible.

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