What do you get when you cross triangular property with innovative coffee lovers?

"Three Sided Coffee Kiosk"

Brooks St. Location

The capacity to serve great tasting coffee faster than any coffee kiosk anywhere, that’s what!

Nate had long imagined a 3-sided coffee stand and had been sketching designs. He knew if the traffic would flow, the coffee could flow even faster! So when the island property at the junction of Brooks Street, Oxford Street, and Central Avenue in Missoula came available, we saw our opportunity to apply Nate’s design!

Florence Coffee Co. Opens Brooks Street Coffee Stand
On November 20, just in time for the 2010 Cat-Griz football game, we opened our 9th coffee shop at 2205 Brooks Street. Just like our other shops, this one features our smooooooth drip coffee and espresso drinks, smoothies with REAL fruit year round (even huckleberries! Yeah!), and our friendly baristas.

The difference? Yep, the radical new design: Drive-up windows on 3 sides!
Inside, you’ll find two baristas, two blenders, and two espresso machines arranged to serve the three windows. There’s room for a third person, blender, and machine if they’re ever needed, but we find this set-up so efficient that we already draw the fastest cup in the west!

Same great taste. Same great price. Even faster service!
Our customers are delighted to enjoy our same smooth taste with such convenient access. You can approach our kiosk from any of the three surrounding streets, there’s room to drive all the way around the building, and there are curb cuts on each side allowing for easy traffic re-entry.

We’re open:
5:30AM – 6:30PM Monday – Friday
6:30AM – 6:30PM Saturday – Sunday

During those hours, we’ll always have at least two windows open, and we’ll open the third window on Oxford Street from 7AM to 4PM! Of course, we’ll extend those Oxford window hours when you coffee lovers need more!

Shout out for Schmid Construction
Schmid Construction built us a remarkable, gorgeous, quality structure “as fast as the city would allow.” We commend them on their professional work!

We’ve received lots of great feedback from Missoulians, customers, and business neighbors, too. Just yesterday, three different business owners came by to thank us for creating such a nice space from a property that had been underused for so long. They love the building, the landscaping, and seeing your happy faces as you come by for your coffee!

We’d love to see you at any of our nine locations, but if you haven’t had the chance yet, we invite you to come on by our Brooks Street location in Missoula to Taste the Difference!