Pay it Forward with a Smile! Image
We’d like the memory of Jody to leave an afterglow of smiles and for everyone to
remember the echo of laughter of happy times and bright sunny days that she brought us all.
Jody was a best friend, a great customer, and most importantly an extraordinary mom and wife.  Jody had an innate ability to demonstrate that regardless of how big the problems of the world may seem each person can make a difference simply by taking the time to show love, appreciation, and kindness to the people around them.  She was able to do this all even through her most difficult days.  Her love for sharing a cup of coffee with friends and people of the Florence Community was just one of the ways she was able to pay it forward, which in turn touched so many people and left them with a smile.  Our goal is to keep her memory alive thru this tradition by paying it forward through coffee.  A year ago today we lost Jody from a brave battle with lupus, which lead to Cancer that took her from us much to soon. It fills our heart to know how much Jody would have loved this.  Together we can honor Jody and make our community stronger by paying it forward with a smile, a coffee, or simply by helping those in need.
We will forever miss you here on earth but know you are looking over us as an Angel above.  So today you can help us keep her memory alive and pay it forward from an Angel above.