Lost Location, In Our Own Words…… Image

We’ve recently received a tremendous amount of questions about the circumstances surrounding the loss of our location on South Reserve.  We would like to take this opportunity to express our thoughts on this matter, and fill you in on the details, most of which has just recently come to light.

Our family, The Tamblyns were taught you get ahead by working hard.  Being raised in Montana by parents who own and operate their own businesses stressed the importance and value of ethical business behavior and treating your competitors with respect, this is called ‘Commerce’.

With that said…..Clearly, Ed Coffman (Lambros Realty) only had intentions of making this transaction work for the Loose Caboose.  Coffman was fully aware that we wanted to stay in this location.  Ed Coffman and Malcolm Lowe can say what they want, but we know for a fact they worked behind the scenes to steal our location.  As the buyers, Realtor and Malcolm Lowe’s Realtor (conveniently the same), Coffman had a moral obligation to give us an opportunity to secure this space.  We would have gladly taken the opportunity to negotiate the price and ability to secure a long-term lease and warehouse space.  In defense of Stockman Bank, we received a phone call from the President of the Bank personally apologizing for the way this situation was handled, and assuring us that this is not the way he does business.

Four years ago when we purchased the prior location, Copper Cup Coffee, we were so excited to serve this region of Missoula and accommodate our Bitterroot cliental.  Growing this location took a lot of hard work and determination but with help from our great employees and loyal customers we pressed on and made it happen.  Our amazing customers are the whole reason behind our success and make all this hard work worth doing.

We are so disappointed that our opportunity to serve our loyal customers has been stolen out from under us, especially after four years of a combined effort to build the value of the business on that property.  We will continue to do what we do best by serving superior product and ethically conducting business.  We must look forward to the future and put this whole situation behind us to focus on what is important, serving our customers.

At this point, we will take it as the highest form of flattery that our competition felt the need to underhandedly acquire part of our business, as well as Starbucks wanting to compete right next to us on Brooks.  We must be doing something right!

Lastly, we want to thank our customers for your continued support of Florence Coffee Co and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our company.


The Tamblyns