Family Owned and Operated

There’s a lot of coffee in the world. We’ve tasted the good, the bad, and the ugly. And sometimes we’ve found a cup we enjoyed somewhere, only to return the next time or to another location to find it’s just not the same.

When we founded Florence Coffee Company in 2003 we wanted to make sure that our customers would enjoy the smoothest flavor every time you stop by any one of our coffee kiosks. So we took our time researching a superior bean, a master roaster, and perhaps most importantly, refining our exclusive recipes (more about that later) to create the very best flavor with each and every brew.

How’d we do? Here’s what some of our customers say:

“This has become my FAVORITE coffee. Every time it is exactly the same–Perfect.”
“Best Coffee Ever!”
“I live in Seattle and have been through the Florence Coffee Co in Missoula and have to say it is the best coffee hands down. Nothing in Seattle compares!”
“Best coffee in Montana… Been a loyal customer for 9 years now!!!!”
“My day doesn’t start without my Florence Coffee.”

But don’t take our word for it…or even theirs. Come Taste the Difference!

We can use all the descriptive language in the world, and we’ve got stacks of shining testimonials, but ultimately our marketing method comes down to this:
We give away samples! Lot’s of ‘em! We believe you’ll taste the difference!

One of the ways we ensure our quality is through hands-on leadership. We’re two brothers and our families, Nathan and his wife, Rachel, and Jeff and his wife, Alisha, who together own and operate Florence Coffee Co. Rachel managed the very first stand in Florence herself and later Alisha did the same with our first shop in Helena. You’ll still find each of us in our kiosks throughout our native Montana almost every day.

We share a “consistency, high quality, innovative, best ingredients and processes, our-word-is-our-bond and our employees and customers are like family” kind of work ethic. We work together with our employees to ensure you enjoy a superior customer experience.